Our Story

Founded by Zahra H. Jimale…

…in 2014, Jimale Law Corporation (JLC) is a family law firm providing services to families across British Columbia.

When Zahra embarked on her journey to create a new law firm, she brought with her years of professional and personal experience and a deep desire to utilize innovative and non-adversarial ways of resolving family disputes. Zahra is continuously engaged in new training because she believes in being on the cutting edge of new ways to resolve disputes.

Zahra approaches dispute resolution with thoughtfulness and creativity, providing cost effective services to reach sensible and sustainable solutions. She understands that family disputes are multifaceted and as a result require an interdiciplinary approach that takes into account not only the applicable laws but also available resources and the appropriate non-adversarial paths to reach resolution. Our guiding principle in every step of the way is to do no harm, while tirelessly pursuing the interests of clients.

At Jimale Law we believe that conflict resolution does not have to be damaging emotionally and/or financially or prolonged. It can and should be strategic and a thoughtful process where interests are protected while relations are preserved.

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